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RDS Stevies Razor Strap Punishment Pt 1

As the camera starts, Stevie is already kneeling on the couch with the Razor Strap hanging around her neck. She is lectured about her recent bad behaviors which made her husband have a hard time at a work event they went to together due to alcohol again, and not listening to him about a few things. Then he takes down her tights and bares her bottom for an IMMEDIATE hard dose of the Razor Strap which leaves her red and squirming and begging right away. However, she is strapped for 10 minutes...

Striped Socks Spanked

Anita wears stripped socks to work which is not the desired professional attire, so Miss Barker shows her how discipline is done at this office. Anita is put over the knee for a hand spanked punishment, but some light butt rubbing eases the pain between spankings!

Miss Stevie Spanks: Misty Crys Hard

Miss Stevie Rose, the popular spanking model/Femdom from Southern California, returns to her roots here in a new series, MISS STEVIE SPANKS, where she showcases her brutal discipline skills on women and men of all shapes sizes and ages. In this edition, Stevie's than-poly girlfriend Misty Caprice sits down with her after there is a bitchy outburst in the morning which she let herself dwell in. Stevie explains to the bratty stubborn redhead that she needs to try to control herself for the...

Scruffy Attitude

Angelina's scruffy attitude and appearance doesn't please Mr Baxter, for her discipline she gets a good bare bottom hand spanking and a little bit of red ass rubbing.

Discipline Request: Meghans Nude Discipline 2

Kyle's Mentee Meghan has been having troubles staying focused, so she comes and asks if he has any suggestions. Kyle tells her he thinks she should do a Discipline Request series to have her choose her own positions and implements, and have him administer what SHE feels she needs. In Part 2, after a VERY HARD PADDLING, her shorts are pulled down and she is laid across the couch for a razor strapping with both face AND butt cams to show the effectiveness of her discipline, which leaves her...

School Trip Disgrace

Mr Baxter phones home to Anita's parents to inform them about her disgraceful drunken behavior on the way home from a school trip to Paris, when she was supposed to be supervising the other girls. He advises that the appropriate action is expulsion, but her parents ask him to consider corporal punishment as an alternative. He agrees to give Anita the option, and she chooses it rather than lose her chances for admission to a good University. She removes her blazer and goes over his knee, skirt...

Discipline Request: Meghans Nude Discipline 1

Kyle's Mentee Meghan has been having troubles staying focused, so she comes and asks if he has any suggestions. Kyle tells her he thinks she should do a Discipline Request series to have her choose her own positions and implements, and have him administer what SHE feels she needs. In Part 1, after we watch her going through all the implement choices and nervously picking her favorite, she circles each choice and hands her disciplinarian the packet. The first choice she made is her getting...

Paddled Maid

Miss Barker is training her new maid Anita, and must again have a word with her when she checks her work upstairs and finds it not up to her standards. Anita has already been spanked for not cleaning well enough, and is going to be spanked again until she learns to do things properly! She makes her remove her maid dress and bend over the stool in the kitchen for a spanking in just her bra and panties. Then her panties are lowered, and Anita is punished with the thick leather paddle on her...

Miss Stevie Spanks: Anna's Penance

Stevies friend and usual top, Miss Anna, was taken to a spanking party in Vegas in September. On the last day of the party (which was Anna's first), Anna wasnt getting played with by Stevies Daddy Kyle so she threw a massive fit in front of their friends and business associates and almost lost Stevie and Kyles friendship. In order to earn it back, Anna agreed to see both Stevie and Kyle for separate REAL DISCIPLINE sessions on the same day. In the first one, Stevie decides that Anna must pay...

Miss Bradley Knows Best

Angelina wakes up in the morning and comes into the kitchen to apologize for losing her temper and mouthing off the night before. That doesn't quite satisfy Miss B, who says she intends to punish the girl for her unacceptable behavior. Angelina is taken across her knee and spanked, then made to strip off her pajama shirt with panties lowered for a hard caning bent over the kitchen chair!

RDS Anna's Spanking from Hell Part 2

Kyle has been seeing Miss Anna as his mentee for years, but at a recent spanking party, she wasn't feeling well and due to Kyle not playing with her at the time she wanted to play, she threw a tantrum and made a bad impression on his coworkers and scene friends in the middle of a party suite. After Stevie has JUST finished spanking her to tears in "Tears By Stevie: Anna's Penance", Kyle finishes with a long EXTREMELY severe spanking, whipping, tanning, every word you can think of, Miss Anna...

Shopaholics Scuffle - Part 2

Amy and Chelsea were both hard at work in the department store, shoulder to shoulder with other shopaholics to get the best deals when suddenly Amy grabbed a skirt right out of Chelsea's hands. Outraged, Chelsea followed Amy home and invited herself in so she could give Amy a well deserved disciplinary session!

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